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Our virtual assistants are real people who work directly for you as if they were based in your own office. They are somebody you can trust, get to know and come to rely on. Your virtual office assistant will work on your tasks from a remote office. You and your customers will communicate with them via the internet, telephone and email. You can share files and work on spreadsheets and documents at the same time, and delegeate phone call handling.

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Most of our virtual workmates work in an Indian and the Phillipines. They have excellent reading, writing and verbal skills. If your not sure if your virtual receptionist service will sound professional, then try calling the customer service at your bank, telecoms or power company as they all tend to use virtual assistants in the likes of India. If you need a virtual office assistant from another country or with different language skills then please let us know.

Full / Part-time or One-Off Projects virtual assistant?

There are three different ways you can use our virtua onlinel assistant service. If you have a one off task that needs to be completed then we can quote you a fixed price, and your virtual workmate will keep you updated until it is completed.

Alternativley, if you have tasks that are ongoing such as taking calls or replying to customer emails then you can have a full/part time virtual online assistant. They will work a set number of hours for you each week and you will pay them on a monthly contract basis. We will make sure that your virtual assistant comes to work on time, has an adequate computer, internet connection and skills to do the job.

What are the advantages of using a virtual office assistant?

By using a virtual workmate based in another country you can take advantage of lower exchange rates and get the same work done for up to 90% cheaper. Also, virtual office assistants are not employees so you do not have to deal with associated red tape and regulations. Below is an outline of the costs of using virtual assistant company compared to hiring a full time UK employee over the course of a year:

cheap virtual assistant

Do I need virtual assistance?

It's often difficult to gauge if you need extra support, especially if you are running your own business, and are too busy to think about the decision of taking on extra manpower. Many of our clients found themselves in one of the following scenarios and took the decision to trial a virtual business assistant with us;

Do you find that you are constantly interrupted during the day?

This is one of the most common causes of slow business growth. If your attention is constantly grabbed by other less important tasks such as responding to emails, answering the telephone and doing basic admin tasks, then you could greatly benefit from virtual secretarial services. Imagine what you could achieve if you had no interruptions all day?

Is marketing your website taking too long?

Have you spent days adding your links to websites or writing articles? Why not get an SEO virtual assistant who could do all this for you. This way you can concentrate on more important tasks.

Are you working from home and have limited space?

This is a common issue for small business owners who want to expand, but wish to avoid bearing the costs of renting office space and employees. If you hire a virtual assistant then you can continue to work from home or indeed anywhere in the world; why be tied to an office?

Are there not enough hours in a day?

Trying to do everything yourself is an arduous task and counter productive to growth. Virtual assistants can take off some or most of the workload from you depending on how you structure you business. How much is your time worth?

Are you a prisoner to your desk or phone?

Wouldn't it be nice to be able to leave your desk and phone for a few hours (or days?) and know that everything is being dealt with. After all, isn't this why you set up your own business so that you would have more free time? Our virtual reception services can work 24/7 for you so you never miss a call or an email.

Employees are just too expensive?

Most people shy away from hiring employees because they are unsure if they can afford it, or if it will bring the growth expected. A virtual receptionist carries a very low monthly cost, no recruitment costs, and no tedious paper work just one simple contract with us. Why not speak to us about a free trial?

What Can My Virtual Workmate Do?

Your virtual office assistant can do anything that doesn't require them to be physically present. These days that's almost anything. Treat your virtual workmate like any other employee and provide them the same training and tasks. The most popular virtual assistant choices are outlined below:

Virtual Assistant SEO

Your online marketing virtual assistant can work on Search Engine Optimisation in order to get your website to the top of Google. The offshore virtual assistant can write markeitng articles, add links to websites and build new websites to promote your site.

Virtual Receptionist

Virtual secrertary services usually include answering calls, managing diaries and emailing customers. Your live virtual receptionist will be able to keep you updated in real time on progress, and even contact you on your mobile for urgent matters.

Social Media Virtual Assistant

It takes a lot of time to keep on top of social media sites like Facebook or Twitter. A social media marketing virtual assistant can manage all these tasks and keep all your profiles updated.

Virtual Legal Secretary

Many law companies get bogged down in basic admin rather than seeking more business. A virtual assistant in India can do all the tedious admin work whilst you can go for the big contracts!

Virtual Assistant Data Entry

Doing research on the Internet can be very time consuming and costly, especially if you have to build a database of 1000's of records. An Indian virtual assistant can be trained quickly to do such a task, and save you a lot of time and money.

Outsourcing Serivces

These days it's easy to outsource nearly every part of your business to the other side of the world, resulting in substantial cost savings. You can stay ahead of your competition by engaging the virtual assistant skills needed to do your tasks efficiently and inexpensively.

We are always hearing of new exciting roles for our clients' virtual workmate's. Some are very extravagant such as tracking down lost relatives or the business duties of a Personal Assistant managing diaries and admin. Some clients' workmates handle the company's wed design and online marketing. The most popular choices are listed below:

Web & Programming

SEO Virtual Assistant
Social Media Virtual Assistant
Web Programming
Web Design Virtual Assistant
Google Adwords
iPhone Applications
Mobile Applications
Software Application
Database Development
Blog Programming
Flash & Flex Animation
System Administration
Technical Support
User Experience Design
Project Management
Content Management System Creation
Relational Database Creation

Writing & Translation

Article Writing
Web Content
E-books and Blogs
Editing & Proofreading
Ghost Writing
Creative Writing
Academic Writing
Sales Writing
Technical Writing
Press Releases
Resumes & Cover Letters
Grant Writing
User Guides & Manuals
Children's Writing
Report Writing
Article Editing

Sales & Marketing

Virtual Sales assistant
Virtual Marketing Assistant
Search Engine Marketing
Lead Generation
Ad Campaigns
Marketing & Sales
Marketing Strategy
Email Marketing
Viral Marketing
Research & Surveys
Public Relations
Sales Presentations
Business Plans

Design & Mulitmedia

Graphic Design
Logo Design
Video Design
Brochure Design
Page & Book Design
Digital Image Editing
Banner Ad Design
Cartoons & Comics
Emails & Newsletters
Voice Talent
Label & Package Design
Corporate Identity Design
Stationery Design

Finance & Management

Financial Planning
Financial Reporting
Tax Services
Billing & Collections


Virtual Assistant Bookkeeping
Virtual Legal Secretary
Real Estate

Customer Services

Virtual Receptionist
Order taking
Customer feedback surverys

Admin Support

Virtual Administrator
Virtual Receptionist
Data Entry
Virtual Admin Assistant
Mailing List Development
Presentation Formatting
Office Management
Fact Checking
Word Processing
Bulk Mailing
Supply Chain Management

Personal Life Assistant

Virtual Concierge
Appointment Management
Booking holidays
Researching fun activities

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